This blog has been set up as a virtual poster to share an action research project created for EDS380 - Issues in Assessment & Technology. Since the project was about blogging, it seemed fitting the create the virtual poster using blog tools. The related links on the side include related projects that emerged from this project, including my presentation about blogs at VermontFest 2005, and an Inquiry Based Tool to help educational communities assess their readiness to get on board with blogging.

To Blog or Not To Blog
Assessment of an Inquiry into the Role Blogs should/could or should
not play in an Educational Community

History and background
-- This section contains some history and background that led to this action research project, starting with my professional journey evolving from the early days of web publishing on the web to the current use of weblogs for teaching and learning.

The Need
--The Need for an inquiry in the role blogs in education

The Questions

-- 3 questions addressed in this action reseach project

-- The tools and methods used during this action research project

-- Ten outcomes from the project

Inquiry Project Design

-- A tool to be used by educators who would like to conduct a similar inquiry within their communimty


-- Reflections about the project

Resources – Citations

-- online resources related to the project

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